Terms and Conditions
The Maya Pink Club Membership & Rewards Program ("MPC") is a Frequent Reservation Program designed to recognise Corporate Secretaries and Personal Assistants for booking their companies’ travelers at Hotel Maya Kuala Lumpur (“Hotel”). All Corporate Secretaries and Personal Assistants must gain written approval from their companies to participate in MPC.

Membership Eligibility

  1. Only individuals from Corporate companies are eligible to join the MPC. MPC's membership, points, and/or reward benefits are non-transferable.
  2. All members of MPC (“Members”) must have obtained permission from their employer to participate in MPC and receive the benefits.
    Hotel will require written proof of employer permission to be produced as a condition to granting membership in MPC.
  3. Membership in MPC is open only to individual residents in countries where the program is permitted by law.
  4. Members are entitled for 10% discount on food and beverage in all outlets (except for promotional items).
  5. Members are entitled for 20% discount on all Spa treatments at Anggun Spa (except for products and promotional items).
  6. Members must produce their MPC membership card before any payment in order for them to entitled for the privilege discounts.
  7. Points are awarded only for materialized room bookings and are non-transferable.
  8. Hotel reserves the right to cancel the membership should the membership remain inactive for one (1) year.
  9. Reactivation of membership will be upon request, and penalty charges will be based on points deduction [one (1) point] from the account.
  10. Hotel Maya Kuala Lumpur reserves the right to revise the Terms & Conditions as and when deemed necessary.

Earning Points

  1. Members earn one (1) Pink Point for every MYR10.00 nett spent on room rates (excluding Spa, Dining, Miscellaneous). Additional points may be earned during the special promotions
    (applicable for room rates only).
  2. It is the Members’ responsibility to quote their MPC membership number whilst making reservations.
  3. Member can check their account balance and transaction activity on www.hotelmaya.my, or email to pinkclub@hotelmaya.com.my or call MPC Membership Ambassador to get an update.
  4. All rates qualify for MPC points except complimentary stays, barters, reservations paid for by wholesale/travel agent.
  5. Members who are missing points from their MPC member account, must notify the MPC Membership Ambassador. Members who has accumulated points may view their statement on-line,
    which can then be used to verify any claims for missing points prior to forwarding an email to the MPC Membership Ambassador.

Redemption Claim

  1. Members may claim rewards under MPC (“Rewards”) by visiting the Redemption section on the Hotel Maya website or by calling the Maya Pink Club Membership Ambassador stating their
    user ID and password. The Hotel reserves the right to ask other personal information for verification purpose.
  2. Minimum MPC point levels apply to each Reward. Please refer to the Reward Chart for redemption amounts on the website.
  3. Members are responsible for making the reservations and for confirmation of stays or services provided by Hotel Maya Kuala Lumpur.
  4. Members must allow 2 to 4 weeks for processing and delivery of reward certificates.
  5. Where delivery is required, rewards will be delivered to the registered address of the Member claiming the Reward only.
  6. Unused Reward certificates may not be returned for points to the Members’ accounts.

Recognition Benefits

  1. It is the Members’ responsibility to present the membership card to enjoy privileges and/or discount in Hotel Maya Kuala Lumpur.
  2. The privileges and/or discount will be extended only to member as described by the name on the card. Membership privileges and discounts on food & beverage is only applicable with a
    maximum usage of ten (10) persons at a time per card holder.

General Rule

  1. The MPC Membership Card is a property of the Hotel. Signature and use of your card constitutes acceptance of the benefits, privileges, Terms & Conditions listed herein.
  2. Membership cards and reward certificates are the responsibility of the member. Loss or theft of your card should be reported immediately to Maya Pink Club Membership Ambassador at +60 3-2333 1345.
    There will be an administrative fee of RM50.00 or deduction of five (5) Pink Points from the account for issuance of replacement card. There will no replacement of reward certificates.
  3. The MPC Program Member Ambassador reserves the right to correct any Member statements or MPC points accruals or balances that are incorrect due to processing errors.
  4. Hotel reserves the right to change rules, restrictions, program benefits and special offers without notice. Hotel reserves the right to terminate Maya Pink Club at any time.
  5. Earning of MPC points and redemption of rewards are subjected to all applicable laws and regulations.
  6. Benefits and Rewards received under MPC may be subjected to taxes. Such taxes are the sole responsibility of the Member who is the recipient of the said benefit or Reward.
  7. MPC is not responsible for request and/or correspondence lost or delayed in the mail.
  8. MPC reserves the right to adjust product redemption point value when necessary to reflect changing market conditions.
  9. Fraud or abuse concerning MPC or Reward usage is subject to appropriate administrative and/or legal action by Hotel.
  10. MPC is a recognition program for Corporate bookers, operated by Hotel Maya Kuala Lumpur.
For further information, go to our FAQ page.